Sight Reading Boot Camp DVDs

Here are some YouTube clips from the first few lessons to give you and idea of what you will learn from the DVDs.

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::Customer Testimonials::

From YouTube user masterpatricZeta3

 Shawn, I received the Shawn Cheek Sight Reading Boot Camp DVDs Tuesday night and I'm in lesson 9 so far.  I am reading music.  Your program works incredibly good.  

So, to any guy out there that wants to read music I highly recommend it. 

Thanks Shawn.  You are the real deal!


webpianoteacher said...

These lessons are NOT on, which is and will always be whiteboard lessons that teach how to play by ear. The Boot Camp Series are for those who want to learn to read traditional music notation better and faster.

webpianoteacher said...

Coming Soon! Sight Reading Boot Camp Level 2!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn,

I was a previous member of your white board series to learn songs.

My question has to deal with feeling where the notes are on the keyboard while playing my songs without looking down. I am an intermediate player, but still stumble from time to time on hitting the exact notes. I know intervals and have taken many private lessons, but no one has explained to me how they feel where they are on the keyboard, or I guess I never asked until now. Especially on the long jumps/intervals of notes. Will any of your future boot-camp lessons explain
"How to know where you are on the keyboard" type lesson?

I know it comes with practice, but still make little mistakes thinking I am on the correct notes. Do you use the black keys as a reference, or do you have another method.

Just thought I would ask, take care,

Dave T

webpianoteacher said...

Yes, Dave. That's what the Sight Reading Boot Camp DVDs are all about. I call what you were talking about 'keyboard awareness', knowing where you are on the keys without looking and being able to 'feel' from one key to the next.

Pier Demers said...

Hi Shawn
Just received my Boot Camp DVDs and I really like this way of learning.

webpianoteacher said...

Great, Pier! I've been receiving a ton of positive messages about the Boot Camp Series to my email, but if all you guys who are ordering could post your comments here on the blog it would help tremendously! Then, everyone could see what you think. Thanks, Shawn.

K Perry said...

Sight Reading Boot Camp Level 1 helped me to advance quickly through very simple pieces to more complicated ones. I started on the material Jan 1st and am now up to Lesson 40. I have found this learning transfers to other pieces of music I've found on the web or purchased in music stores. I am looking forward to Level 2 when it comes out!

webpianoteacher said...

Great, K Perry! Thank you for your endorsement. I actually HAVE finished the level 2 plus an additional 32 lessons for sight reading. They are ALL on my website Thanks again! Shawn

Pier Demers said...

Hi Shawn. I am on lesson 15 and finally getting better. At 68 memory retention not as sharp but with your explanations and demonstrations I cannot go wrong. You are a great teacher. Should I finnish all 50 lessons before becoming a member for the other lessons on

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn, I came across your videos on youtube and thought this would be a good resource for me to develop sight reading skills. I currently play by ear and can only read by doing Every Good Boy Does Fine, All Cows Eat Grass, etc. I noticed you had sight reading lessons on your website and through Sight Reading Boot Camp DVD. Is there a significant difference between the two, and if so, which would you suggest would provide the most development in sight reading skills?



magaly said...

hi, i was wondering what method would you recoment for kids, my daugther is 6yr, she wanted to start with the harp but every one says that piano its the main instrument. what would you recoment?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm want to learn to play the piano. Would the Boot Camp series be the starting point? Thanks, Roger

Dave Seta said...

Shawn, anyway to contact you? My Paypal wont let me send you money without sending it to Indonesia (I want CD to be sent to my US address). I have sent you email to your yahoo email. Thanks.

James said...

Hi Shawn,

I made it to lesson 50. I am an advanced player (although I have plenty to learn), but I am not an advanced sight reader. In fact, there were more than a few moments where you said something in your video and you were speaking directly to my circumstance. I can play level 9 and level 10, but it takes a lot of energy because I don't sight read well. I've known it was a problem for years, but I never had teachers who focused on reading. It took me months, maybe a year, of searching online and asking the right people questions. One day I stumbled across your youtube channel. Problem solved!

I feel like I am on the path to becoming a better sight reader. I am overjoyed! Playing the piano gives me the greatest joy in life. Your lessons enrich the greatest joy in my life.

Now that I'm on lesson 53, I find that I don't login every day. However, I spend about 50 minutes a day sight reading. I sight read select material from your lessons, flash cards that I make, and other level three sight reading exercise books. Your video lessons taught me how to teach myself sight reading.

Oh, I make flash cards for passages that I get stuck on in my regular practice. I got the flash card idea from you and I'm very grateful!

I've learned that piano technique and sight reading are two separate things. Practicing a difficult passage requires technical practice. Thanks to your lessons, I've learned that I need to practice difficult reading passages as well. That's where the index cards come in.

I recently had the opportunity to play cello sonatas with a friend of mine who just so happens to be a world famous concert cellist. I never thought I could do something like that. However, he says encouraging things about my playing. As a result, I have joined a chamber music society. In the near future, maybe a few years from now, I hope my sight reading will allow me to learn music faster and improve my chamber music experience.

Thank You Very Much!

DocDj1966 said...

Loved your lessons before, love them even more now!
Do offer any special for the purchase of all available DVD
Lessons (billy & Elton, Easy Lessons, Blues, and your Sight Reading Package)? Looking forward to getting hooked back up with your lessons and Whiteboard site.
Thanks DocDj

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn,
I'm nearing the end of sightreading bootcamp level 2. How soon do you think you'll be adding the next 100 lessons? Are they going to be classical pieces? How much will they cost?
I'm very excited!

Danz Aurora said...

Where is level 2? I can't find them anywhere.

Joaneane S said...

Hi Shawn. What is the best way to learn the notes on the staff? This is driving me crazy. It takes too long for me to play the next note because I can't remember what it is so I have to count from the bottom on each note.

TR said...


I purchased a three month lesson plan yesterday and this morning I cant access my account (it was working fine yesterday after)? To top it off the one song I manly signed up for (second part of Linus and Lucy) is incomplete..Please help!

Jon Langley said...

The sight reading boot camp material is the best. I highly recommend it to anyone that's serious about becoming a better sight-reader. Shawn's approach and material is top-notch in my opinion. He is the real deal - a great teacher - and leaves nothing out!

Jon L, England

Regis Approbato said...

184Hi Shawn, i'm already a piano student ( classical music) and i just want to play some particularly songs with your help. What is the best plan of course you can indicate to me. Again, i want to learn a few songs, not necessarelly the whole method, i just want to have the whole lesson, not just a sample like your free videos. One of the songs i would like to play, for instance, is " bridge over trouble". Thank you and congratulations. Regis (from Brazil)

Anonymous said...

I received the sight reading program and it was missing 11 video lessons and the practice log, I am very much outrage to say the least. I paid a 100 dollars for this program !!

Nelson Nwezeaku said...

This app would make it easy for you to practice mastering the notes wherever you are.
It's really helped me

David Cox said...

The sight reading exercises in combination with the sight reading lessons have been instrumental in allowing me to get over the hump of graduating up to the next level of sight reading. After spending the past year going through "Sight Reading" app from Wessar, grades one and two I got stuck moving up to level 3 because of the introduction of moving the home position of the hands around and playing 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths. After completing Shawn's sight reading lessons up to level 50 and the 30 exercises, I feel confident that I won't have a problem continuing learning from the Sight Reading app on my iPad. Thanks Shawn!

-David Cox

Anonymous said...

Hi Shawn:

I have just completed Sight Reading Boot Camp Level 1. I am ready and anxious to start Level 2. When will it become available on your website?

John Jameson

Alfred C Allen said...

I found that learning how to learn was my biggest challenge. I was lured away from sight reading boot camp by promises made by other programs. The more I experimented the more I saw the necessity of learning to read music. I described Shawn Cheek's approach in Sight Reading Boot Camp as the 'Hammer and Tongs' approach. It's effective.

As I became annoyed or disillusioned with the other programs, I was comforted knowing I had someplace 'Real' to go back to.

David Allen said...

Hello Shawn:

I'm a beginner with a little bit of experience which has been with reading one note at a time for "sight-singing" purposes in a choir and even with that I'll make a few errors and struggle sometimes. Is this bootcamp a good start point for me? Sean your programs look interesting but I'm having trouble figuring out the first place to start. Please advise.