Shawn's CDs For Sale

For The Love Of The Truth is the first album.  It is a religious album in which I wrote the songs, sing the vocals, and perform the instruments on.  The second album is called Mirrors, and contains 13 tracks of solo piano music that I either arranged or composed.  To hear a sample of my most popular tracks from both albums, go to, or just watch the videos below this post.  Just click the paypal button below to pay.  Make sure your shipping address is correct!  I'll mail within 24 hours.


webpianoteacher said...

Questions? You can always email me at

chucky clark said...

Shawn....just listened to your Christian lullaby track and have to say....beautiful lyrics, melody and sung.
Is your album available to download from iTunes ?
I really love your webpianoteacher site which I am subscribing to.
Nice to see that it's not all negative on what the web can offer....
Keep up your good work .