Well, I've lost another pound!  This morning I weighed 184, down from 185.  I weigh myself the same time every morning to keep myself in check, and it feels good to no longer see 215 pounds on the scale.  I had a sugar free Instant Breakfast for breakfast, another for brunch, then for lunch ate a yummy bacon cheeseburger with fries and a king size chocolate malt at the Health Camp here in Waco!!  But, now I will just have another Instant Breakfast for dinner and it will knock out the hunger like it always does.  I don't kill myself with working out, and actually HATE jogging for extended distances, though I used to be a pretty good long distance runner in High School.  Instead, I speed walk and then sprint for about 200 yards, speed walk and then sprint again.  I repeat this pattern for about a mile and a half around the neighborhood.  I actually think I get a better workout this way instead of continually jogging.  It seems to get my heart rate up more and work my muscles WAY more than doing the jogging thing alone.  Comments welcome!

Unfortunately, playing the piano doesn't burn many calories or get your heart rate above 120, so I had to figure out something to lose some weight.  In October of 2011 I weighed 215 pounds, the heaviest of my life.  I tried low carb diets, exercise, and some other things but nothing worked for me.  In the picture above which I took today, I weigh 185 pounds and am still losing.  Here's how I did it, and how I will keep doing it until I've lost a total of 45 pounds and tip the scales at a healthy 170.

For breakfast at 6 AM: One Sugar Free Carnation Instant Breakfast.  It works because it takes away my hunger, plain and simple.  For lunch I eat whatever I want but don't go too nuts on the calories.  For dinner at 6 I'll have another Instant Breakfast.  If I'm hungry before bed I'll have yet another Instant Breakfast.  I also moderately exercise with a little bit of weight training.  Who turned me on to this?  My dad who is slim and trim, and has done the 'Instant Breakfast' diet for the 38 years that I've know him.  Comments welcome, guys! Pin It


Anonymous said...

i HAD seriously tho't about doing this too, to lose weight. I have a Hiatal Hernia and the Dr. told me to eat smaller meals more often! But I do get hungry too in between,and that's when I want the snacks.., chips, popcorn, cheese, pop... etc.
I want to be able to eat more fruits and veggies too. I have started eating oats, every morning, like my Mom said she did all her life, growing up. And that's good for you too. She also took a Vit. C every day 81mg. aspirin and zinc.. & I never saw her sick with the flu or colds EVER. But i have shrunk my stomach, also from some days not eating at all and I know that isn't trying to adjust to eating more often. It doesn't take much to fill me up anymore because of that. But I know I need to adjust better things to eat and when. Got any ideas on that? I have you in my mail, so I cna see what songs you're doing next. I have enjoyed most of the songs you do and some have helped me. I took lessons at age 8, then got stopeed from school and moving, and took them again at age 14, for awhile! But eventually became a Bass guitar player/singer. Took voice in school for 3 yrs. Have been in many bands, in Cali and now Ks. But I want to be able to play solos...(take a lead solo), in songs and that's what's hard for me, unless I have practiced that lead solo for that song, I haven't been able to just pick it act, if asked to take a lead? DOn't know how to accomplish this one? HELP me on that if you can! Thanks...a fan! C.S.

webpianoteacher said...

This is to the anonymous commenter, "C.S." Well, good for you for trying to lose the weight. I'm not an expert and I don't have any tips except for my own experience. I have no trouble eating more fruits and veggies and good stuff, but what used to get me was, like you said, the hunger pains in between. You can eat a healthy, medium portioned meal, and then be STARVING in 15 minutes! I then drink one sugar free Instant Breakfast and that hunger is knocked back a couple of hours. Keep it up on your piano studies! I look forward to hearing of your progress with fitness AND the piano...

Unknown said...
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Greg N. said...

Way to go!!! Remember that as you develop muscle you will not loose as much weight, that is to say that fat% is what matters. Most gyms will have a device to measure fat %. I like aerobics classes...more fun and motivating than running.

Just joined ... love your "site" Hope to bring some better chops to band practice.

Greg N

Anonymous said...

You don't look fat, at least not for an American!

Unknown said...

First Thank You. Regarding your health quest. Please get the book; "Wheat Belly" by William Davis. It changed my life for the better. Starting at 218 and ending up at 192 in approx: 9 weeks and still losing. Other than the gift of the atonement, I can't think of a better gift to give you.
Thanks again for the lessons.
John Ulmer

Unknown said...

I took a nutrition class in university so I can help.
First it's essential to get all nutrients even on a diet. A meal is around 300 Calories. Choose meals that give the most nutrients. There are so many meals that give calories but no nutrients; and they are what give you weight and still yet an empty stomach yearning for more (most, unfortunately, are tasty! [beauty with thorns!])
Nutritious examples:
-organic fortified soy milk with cereal (one cup of soy milk gives 50% of vitamin B12 needed for the day and cereal has so many nutrients and it feeds your sugar tooth too! :p)
-fried veggies and tofu with rice (vegans get their complete protein with tofu and veggies' reputation is quite good. :p)

Eat often (every 4 hour or more, so about four to five small meals a day, 4 if you are on a diet [yeah, that's reading it right])

Eat 1-2 healthy snacks if you're not on a diet. (Or, just eat them if you exercise that day.) An apple. Peanuts. Kettle popcorn. The list is endless.

Vitamin A, D, E, K are fat soluble, so they don't need to be consumed often. A nutritious meal has different colours and has at least three food groups.

Losing weight follows a simple equation. Energy spent is greater than energy consumed.

That means exercise! And exercise doesn't have to be boring. There are four sections to fitness: flexibility (prevents injuries! but is considered a stretch not! exercise), core conditioning (helps find balance!), strength training, and cardiovascular (expends the most energy). Exercise can be a lot of fun and an ever rewarding experience. We all know everyone dislikes running, but many of us love swimming, rugby, martial arts, grappling, skipping, biking, badminton, and so many other activities and sports created by us being.

An hour and a half of exercise is adequate exercise. Varies on the amount of effort put into it.

So be serious and have a lot of fun!

And one more thing, losing 0.5-2 pounds a week is good diet. Anything more than 2 pounds would result in extraneous loss of water, muscles, and other important things. hehe It would also likely result in regaining weight because the hormones in the stomach would soon drive you to consume more because fat cells have been shrinking and devoid of nurture.

Unknown said...

I just want to address a comment above on hunger pain. It's natural-especially for anyone on a diet. Why? To simplify things, it's because the body has been trained to eat lots. So must practice. Relearning is always harder than learning for the first time. But the end reward is not having to do too much exercise a day, close to no health problem, and eating right for a lifetime.

And one more thing, knowing how to cook will help tremendously. Youtube has everything else I can say on this. said...

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