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February 20, 2012

I have 3 boys ages 8, 6, and 4 months.  They are very blessed in that they have two parents who love the Lord, each other, and THEM with all of their heart.  The wonderful dream job that I have as the WebPianoTeacher affords my wife, Shawna, to stay at home with me and the kids 24-7.  Instead of trying to squeeze in a few minutes here and there after work with our kids the way most working class families do, we are with them continually when the kids are not at school.  However, even with all this I feel it is important for each kid to get some alone time with each parent without having to share it with two brothers.  In the picture above I'm with my son, Carter, at a minor league baseball game.  We had loads of fun and even caught a foul ball.  In this type of environment, I find a kid will act totally different than when the brothers are with them.  There's no competition for attention, and I guess that's the difference.  You can talk about things with them that they won't normally discuss.  The bonding with father and son happens on a stronger level.  In the picture below, Evan and I spent the day drawing pictures of SpongeBob and playing Indiana Jones on the Xbox.  Great fun!  I think each of the boys needs that alone time with each parent if possible, every once in a while.  If I may quote a line from a favorite TV show of mine, Modern Family, "99 percent of being a dad is just showing up and being there."

I used to draw all the time when I was a kid, but stopped doing it for many years.  Recently, I've been trying to get back into it again and actually try to learn some standard techniques this time.  YouTube drawing tutorials have been a BIG help, and wish I had had them when I was a kid!  Carter and Evan, my two older boys of 8 and 6 years respectively, spend some time with me every week as we try draw simple cartoon characters.  I'll help them with a little outline of Spongebob Squarepants or another character, then they finish the sketch.  It's great fun and yet another way to get them away from the TV and video games.  They used to pitch a FIT every time I told them, "OK, guys, it's time to draw!"  Evan would throw himself on the floor and Carter would make a gagging gesture.  But now they get excited about picking out which HB pencil to use, getting the Q-tips and tissues out we use for smudging and shading.  The portrait above is of my younger son, Evan.  In the picture below you can judge for yourself it it's a good likeness. Portraits tend to be difficult, because the finished product not only has to resemble a human being but LOOK like the subject as well to be a success.  Comments welcome!

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Kingsley Nwodo said...

Shawn, you are wonderful. It is good to learn that in your trying to help others you have helped yourself. Your Piano lessons for Beginners are just excellent. It has fired up my zeal to really get doing what my inner being has been looking for an opportunity to express - music. I never went to any music school, I actually read Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Information technology Bias), but bought for myself a Yamaha PSR-550 in year 2003. Since then I was never able to translate my inner desire of playing Piano into reality, partly due to my lack of resilience and partly also due to (maybe) the type of teachers I have had before the last teacher I met. Good teachers like you, no doubt, can help someone who would like to play instruments translate his wish to reality. I now play Piano in my local church in Nigeria, although not so good yet. Thank you for sharing freely what God has given to you.

Unknown said...

why did you stop your nirvana video