Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Piano Lesson Making Love Out Of Nothing At All


Unknown said...

Shawn- I'm a new member. I LOVE your website! THANK YOU. How do i request (pay for) a song i want you to figure out ? The song i want is pearl jams " Black ". I'm so excited about your site that i bought a new Yamaha DGX 660 digital piano with graded weighted keys last week ( something i wanted for 15 years ).Im ready to go ! Should of just bought a lifetime membership,I'm gonna be here as long as you are . Again thanks for your time dedicated to help us all be better pianists and enjoy playing our favorite songs.

Lisa said...

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Ken said...

I love these pianos for great show. Thanks.

Unknown said...
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Teresa Halminton said...

Thank you so much for sharing the lesson!
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norhan said...

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