Wednesday, March 7, 2012

CUSTOM DVDS For A Limited Time Only!

Step 1: Go to and click 'Browse Lessons'. Choose at least 50 videos, NOT 50 songs, but 50 videos from the master list. You can choose more than 50, but you must choose at least 50. The cost is $2 per video. Add $5 shipping US, $10 international. Step 2: Go to, click Send Money. You can use Paypal even if you don't have a PayPal account, just like or any other online purchase. Pay to my account, which is Step 3: Send me an email to with your LIST OF VIDEOS and the NAME on your PayPal payment so I know who you are. Make sure your shipping address is correct. I'll send you a confirmation email and please give me 2 days to ship.


dr death said...

Why? every video is available on an ipad?
What am I missing?

webpianoteacher said...

Every video is available on an iPad IF your subscription is current on If your membership is not current and paid up, you can't watch. Some people out there would rather have DVDs of only the song lessons they want, so they can watch anytime they want, and that's what you were missing!

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