Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contest For Free Membership To WebPianoTeacher.com

ONE ENTRY PER PERSON PLEASE, Multiple entries will disqualify you.
1. Click the TITLE of the video below which appears ON THE VIDEO ITSELF to take you to YouTube.  It should say Piano Sight Reading Lessons In White Text.
2. After you get to YouTube, click the subscribe button at the top of the video.  If you don't want to subscribe to me you can always unsubscribe later, but I'll have some really cool stuff on this channel in the future for free if you want to keep in touch and stay subscribed.
3. Make a COMMENT below the video ON YOUTUBE.  Comments on Facebook or shawncheekblog.com won't count,  it MUST be a youtube comment on this particular video.  Tell me what you want to see as far as traditional music notation lessons, or whatever you want.
4. Wait a couple of days.  I'll pick a winner randomly from the youtube comments and make the announcement on Facebook and as a comment on the video of the lucky winner.  I will contact the winner via a YOUTUBE MESSAGE, so be sure to check your youtube inbox to see if you've won.  Keep checking the video comments to see if you've won.
5. Oh, yeah.  Winner gets 3 months free membership to webpianoteacher.com, a $50 value. Current members may EXTEND there current membership and are fully eligible.


John Darke, Sr. said...

Three boys with a loving father and mother. They are blessed already.
I have often thought that piano (and other instruments) could be taught over the internet. First the technology wasn't advanced enough to accomodate the amount of information flow necessary. Then there didn't seem to be anybody versed in both teaching and the internet. NOW there is. Congratulations, Shawn. Keep it going............we will follow.
John Darke, Punta Gorda, Florida

Susan Justesen said...

Just found your website and am intrigued to see your revolutionary piano method! After teaching traditional piano for 30 years and being totally frustrated that students weren't learning to read very efficiently, nor learning to also play by ear and utilize many different chords, I found the Simply Music Piano method & have been successfully teaching it in group and private lessons. However I am always looking for additional ways of motivating my students, especially with more popular tunes, like the "Lean On Me" example you had posted to YouTube which led me to your site! I am excited that I could refer my students to your site as well and they would have access to hundreds of songs to learn at their own pace as I never have enough time in a 30 or 45 minute lesson or class to teach all of the songs I'd like to! Do you have any kind of referral program? I belong to a group of over 800 Simply Music piano teachers all over USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, soon to be in other countries! I would love to refer them to your site, but would need your permission to do so and perhaps even that of the Founder of Simply Music, Neil Moore. Please check out our website
www.simplymusic.com and my site www.simplymusic/
Thanks for your inspiring and excellent website and I, too, applaud you for being a devoted father to your 3 sons! The world needs every father to be so present in their children's lives!
With love, music and good health!
Susan Justesen, Founder/Director
Ms. Susan's School of Music & Shoppe (since 1997)
First Licensed Kindermusik Teacher, Raleigh, NC 1988
First Licensed/Certified Simply Music Teacher in SC, 2005
310- H Calhoun Avenue
Greenwood, SC 29649
Studio: 864-229-4085

Dave Johnston said...

Hi! I just wanted to say your videos on youtube are helping me regain some playing ability. I had a stroke in 2005 and had not played for 7 years, because I had given up on my music.
seeing a few of your video has inspired me to begin again,I play every day and am improving quite a bit. I have limited use of my left hand, so can only play bass notes with one finger! As I am on disability, I will have to wait to save up the money to get a membership. Until I can, I will continue to learn from the youtube videos. Thank you, for providing a system the is easily understood.
I'm thrilled to be playing again!
Dave Johnston

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